About the Editor

I grew up in the Puget Sound area, and I have lived in Seattle since 1996. I have always had a passion for the written word, learning to read early and often. I got involved with my high school and college newspapers, writing opinion pieces and working on layout and design. I published my first magazine article at seventeen, and continued to write and publish articles through college. I graduated from The Evergreen State College in 1993, earning a BA in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in media and communications; there I studied media propaganda, literary journalism, and political science/economics.

In 1996 I started the research on tarot symbolism that eventually became my first book, The Thoth Companion. I also started giving public lectures and writing articles on the tarot and related subjects. When I began preparing my manuscript for submission, I discovered The Chicago Manual of Style, the bible of many book editors, and I developed an interest in editing. I realized I had a knack for editing work after helping Brandy Williams prepare her popular book, Practical Magic for Beginners, for submission to Llewellyn Publications in 2004.

While I had already taken a year of classes at North Seattle Community College to explore a possible career as a math teacher, my interest in numbers soon gave way to working with words. I eagerly enrolled in the Editing Certification Program at the University of Washington, which I completed in 2006. Unfortunately, after publishing and promoting The Thoth Companion in 2007-08, a medical accident left me with some serious health issues to deal with, delaying my debut as an professional editor for a couple of years.

I overcame those challenges and started preparing my second book, Conjuring Spirits, for release in 2010. During the publication process I also picked up a few clients, which led to more editing projects and opportunities. I truly enjoy editing work, and look forward to helping more authors and publishers make good books better.

I haven’t owned a television for many years, so in my leisure time I enjoy reading books, researching, and writing. Particular topics of interest include cosmology, esotericism, Egyptology, symbolism, and linguistics. I have a large library, and I often browse used bookstores looking for new books of interest.



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