A well-edited book stands out from the crowd. These days anyone can self-publish a book, and yet most contain ideas suffocated by careless writing and poor presentation. Authors and readers alike have once again started to realize the value of a good editor. Spell-checking and other automated tools only address mechanical errors and typos. Editors go beyond these basics, providing structure and guidance to help authors present their ideas in the best possible light.

As a non-fiction book editor and published author, I understand what it takes to make manuscripts shine. A graduate of the University of Washington Editing Certification Program, I have worked with both publishers and self-published authors, and I have recently gained experience editing doctoral dissertations into books. I have a passion for detail and clarity, and I will help you develop, organize, and polish your work, offering professional feedback and compassionate criticism.

You have great ideas—let’s turn them into a great book!


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